Graston Instrument Soft Tissue Mobilization

Graston Instrument Soft Tissue Mobilization® (Graston®) is a soft tissue diagnostic and therapeutic method that has been used in outpatient clinics since 1994. Graston® instruments are used as an aid in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue pathology and dysfunction. The instruments provide diagnostic tactile feedback to both the clinician and the patient, as the instruments act as a focused extension of the clinician’s own hands.

Graston® research, initially conducted at Ball Memorial Hospital and Ball State University, includes an in-vitro rat tendon injury model showing that Graston® significantly activates fibroblasts to both replicate and synthesize. Thus, Graston® increases the amount of fibroblasts and the quantity of collagen deposited, which should speed healing of dense connective tissue like tendon and ligament. The rate of activation is proportional to the force applied to the tendon.

Clinical experience has shown that Graston® is of benefit in the management of a large variety of musculoskeletal disorders. These include: carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical pain, de Quervain’s syndrome, epicondylitis, fibromyalgia, IT band syndrome, joint sprain, lower back pain, muscle strain, painful scar, plantar fasciitis, post fracture pain and tendinitis. A large case series found that Graston® reduces numbness, increases patient functional capabilities both in daily activities, and work related function.


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