Golf Injuries

Whether you want to play pain-free golf, lengthen drive distance, lower handicap, or simply play better quality golf, Gwinnett Spine & Sports Rehab can help you succeed! We synthesize the latest medical and sport-performance advances to dramatically impact your overall game. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified professionals and certified golf injury specialists know the game and how to succeed. The medical research states that 50 percent of all golfers are injured sometime in their lifetime. Golf injuries are generally repetitive strains and sprains of the muscle, tendon and ligaments of the body secondary to:

  • Poor golf-specific POSTURE
  • Poor golf-specific FLEXIBILITY
  • Poor golf-specific MOBILITY and STABILITY

Dr. Lim focuses on the treatment of golf related injuries and the optimization of golf performance on the golf course through biomechanical analysis and physical fitness assessment. Treating your pain along with personal golf fitness program designed by TPI golf fitness instructor is vital for reducing the potential for injury while improving stamina, power, accuracy, and consistency in your game.


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